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What Makes Your Home Sell?

The 5-5-5 Pricing Strategy

The most accurate method to price your home. The right price for your property is not determined by any agent or seller. It's determined by current market conditions. We leverage the same database that agents, banks, appraisers and buyers use to correctly price a property.

Active Properties

Pending Properties

Sold Properties

How it shows

We make your listing pop

Professional Photography

Beautiful, eye-catching photos are so important to attract buyers who search online for your home. We take the highest quality photos for the greatest impact and to highlight your home's best features.


We use high-quality video to create a compelling virtual tour of your home that will capture buyers attention.


Our camera-equipped quadcopter shoots high-def photos and video from the air, to capture an impressive point of view of your home.

3D Technology

Our Matterport camera features powerful new technology to create a detailed 3D showcase of your home, for the ultimate virtual experience. With this technology, home buyers can move through your property online, to see it every angle. 3D showcases are especially popular with our foreign home buyers.

Preparation pays off

Imagine your home through a buyer's eyes

The Basics

Home-spotless. Lawn-mowed. Clutter-removed. Carpets-cleaned. Odors-gone. 

Living Room

Open up the living room by moving furniture and removing unnecessary items. 


Clean counters, refrigerator art and magnets. Add a plant or fresh flowers. Leave small appliances if used daily. 


Our Property Search is hands down, the best real estate seach experience on the market.


Search, save, and receive alerts on all of the properties you've visited, right on your mobile device.


We are here to go to work for you. Trust in our years of experience and our promise that your needs come first.

We'll sell it faster and for more money

Step one: We arm ourselves with National Association of Realtors data that tells us exactly where buyers found the home they purchased. The top three ways are online, with agents and through yard signs

Step two: We target our marketing strategy and resources to match where buyers are finding homes right now. When more buyers see your property, we can sell it faster.

Where did buyers find the actual home they purchased?

44% Online

The Home Buying and Selling process can be a daunting one and everyone has their own uniquer situation. We care more than just the numbers game, we want to help you find what you're looking and invest in our relationship with you.

33% Real Estate Agent

Home is more than just bricks an mortar; it is a place of safety, comfort, and family. We're committed to finding your the home in the right community fit for your family and your lifestyle.

Innovative internet marketing

To reach the 92% of buyers who search online, we market every property in five places:

Broker Websites

By posting on KW.com, Sothebys.com, Century21.com, Windermere.com, ReMax.com, and more, we gain thousands of views.

Search Portals

Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com. We know how to get your property showcased ahead of the competition on these popular sites. Buyers won’t click through page after page of similar properties, so why not choose the team that can get yours featured more often?

Classified Services

Craigslist, Oodle, Backpage, Kijiji. Most agents overlook them, but we know international buyers and high-priced sales come through here every day. Other agents post a listing once. Our commitment is to post every 48 hours until it’s sold.

Search Engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo. Nobody knows search engines better! We spend $30,000+ every month on pay-per-click advertising, so our websites come up when buyers search for properties like yours. Plus, we optimize to appeal to search engines, so we show up naturally in the results.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest. We market your property through the most popular social networks, through paid posts, our own audiences and, directly through Brivity every 48 hours.

We don't rely on the internet alone

33% of buyers find the home they purchase through real estate agents. This figure has declined in the shift to online search, but it is still significant. You’d better believe we are marketing to other agents!

Electronic Fliers

From start to finish, your real estate journey is going to be one that'll leave you happy and stress free.

Paper Fliers

We keep up to date, so that you're up to date on everything there is to know about buying or selling a home.

Virtual Tours

We will always keep you in the loop. Don't be afraid that you'll miss out on the important steps in the process.

Realtor Office Meetings

Our Property Search is hands down, the best real estate seach experience on the market.


Search, save, and receive alerts on all of the properties you've visited, right on your mobile device.

Reaching buyers at every opportunity

20% of buyers find the home they eventually purchase through these four ways:

Yard Signs

Approximately 9% of buyers found the home they actually purchased from a yard sign. Our signs attract buyers by featuring offers that others can’t make.

Open Houses

About 5% of buyers found their home through open houses. This figure includes the large number of new homes sold through builder open houses.

Word of mouth

A small percentage of buyers find the home they purchase through a friend, neighbor or knowing the seller.


Only 1% of buyers find the home they purchase through print advertising. Yet, 80% of agents spend 80% of their marketing budgets on print advertising.

Get in Touch

If you are curious to hear more about us and what we can offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. We try to take care of all of the detailed and long processes and making home buying or selling super easy! Send us your brief and learn how we work.

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